Youth Acting

Fall Classes

Ages 5-7

Thursdays, 4:20PM-5:10PM    
September 15- November 10, 2016 (no class Oct. 13)

                                      Creative Drama

Come play with us as we use our bodies and voices to act out stories from our imagination and favorite books. Lesson will teach various theatre and acting techniques which we will to bring stories to the stage.

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Ages 8-9    


Wednesdays, 4:20PM-5:50PM      
September 14-November 9, 2016 (no class Oct. 12)

                                      Acting Elements

Through theatre games, learn to use your body, voice and thoughts to create characgters and communicate ideas to an audience. A great class if you're just beginning or need to work your theatrical muscles.

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Ages 10-12          

Fridays, 4:30PM-6:00PM            
September 16-November 11, 2016 (no class Oct. 14)

                                        Acting Fundamentals

this beginning class gives you the tools to create characters for the stage and develop your ability to perform for an audience.

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Ages 13-17            

Thursdays, 5:30PM-7:00PM      
September 15-November 10, 2016 (no class Oct. 13)

                                           Basic Acting for Teens

This basic course teaches techniques for using the body and voice to communicate the character's intentions and their stories to the audience

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