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May 16 through May 25, 2014                                 Download Teacher Study Guide
Adapted by Scott Dunlap

A princess is born and all of the kingdom is to celebrate!  Everyone is invited, but a simple error in the guest list turns everything upside-down.  A fun and fantastic staging of the much-loved fairytale complete with an unlucky but beautiful princess who slumbers in a spellbound castle, a fearful but handsome prince who must overcome harrowing obstacles, and a very unhappy fairy with a vendetta.  Rest assured, all will arrive at their proper endings and will live happily ever after.

Suitable for Grades K through 5.

When last performed at CTC in 2007, Scott Dunlap, then Production Co-ordinator, penned the Youth Theatre script.  Now Youth Theatre Director, Dunlap will be re-working his own script for a new production.

Sleeping Beauty was performed by the Youth Theatre in the 1961-62, 1975-76, 1978-79 and 2007-2008 seasons.


February 21 through March 2, 2014
By Steven Dietz and Allison Gregory


This play, adapted from P.D. Eastman's classic children's book, renowned for it's ability to generate fun, learning, adventure and surprise with a minimum of words - comes to life on stage in an exploration of movement, color and space.  The dogs delve into life with wondrous gusto and loopy anarchy, creating a visual feast for the audience, honoring the joyous simplicity of the world around us.  It’s high energy, slapstick fun set to music when the Youth Theatre takes the stage and goes to the dogs in this fast-action, scant-dialogue childhood favorite. Watch red dogs, blue dogs, big dogs, little dogs – all kinds of wonderful dogs – riding bicycles, scooters and roller skates on their way to a big dog party held on top of a tree!  Guaranteed to have you howling with laughter!

Go, Dog. Go! is directed by Chuck Tuttle with musical direction by John Echols. Cast members include Annalee Thompson, Jamie McConnico,  Laura Maynard , Lily Armstrong, Noah Phillips, Rachel Young and Sallie Dean. The Dog Pound is made up of Hannah Lowe, Rachel Lowe, Cameron Legge, Mathis Young, and Jude Major. Aaron Slack is Stage Manager.

This show is especially suited for grades Pre-K through 2. Tickets are $10 for all ages. 

Fridays at 7:30 pm.  Saturdays/Sundays at 2:30 pm.

The original Go, Dog. Go! was written more than 50 years ago and edited by Dr. Seuss himself.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has stated that it is one of her favorite books of all time.

The Youth Theatre last performed Go, Dog. Go! in 2009.