AUDITIONS at your Chattanooga Theatre Centre are open to everyone and we encourage all ages and ethnicities to participate in Community Theatre for the community by the community.  


AUDITIONS for Blowing Screams Farm at Rock City
August 26 & 27 from 6:00-7:30 pm.
The Auditions will be held at the Rock City Talent Loft (507 McFarland Road, Lookout Mtn, GA 30750)
Blowing Screams Farm is a unique acting opportunity! Actors who are involved in the Blowing Screams Farm experience should be prepared to suspend their disbelief and be ready to really get into character! Most of the positions needed for BSF require physical abilities such as: running, crouching, climbing, and standing for long periods of time. This is a full fledge haunt which requires wearing costumes, make-up, latex and prosthetics. This opportunity allows you to unleash your inner monster to scare guests and get paid to do it!
EVENT DATES: Opens Saturday, October 4th and runs Fridays and Saturdays through November 1st (invited preview Friday, October 3rd).
AUDITIONS: Auditions will be held at the Rock City Talent Loft on Wed. & Thurs. August 13th & 14th from 6:00-7:30pm. You only need to attend one date, and you do not have to stay the entire time. Prepared monologues are NOT required, but please dress to move.
For more information, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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Auditions for two shows at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre – a 'fantastic' Youth Theatre production and a 'triple-dog dare you" holiday musical –are set for September.

Fantastic Mr. Fox auditions are Monday and Tuesday, September 8 and 9, at 4:30 pm. This opening production of the Youth Theatre season will be directed by Lizzie Chazen and will be presented in the Circle November 7 – 23. There are approximately a dozen roles available, and actors in grades 4 – 12 are invited to audition.

Auditions for A Christmas Story, The Musical will be held Monday and Tuesday, September 15 and 16. Actors ages 9 – 15 audition at 4:30; ages 16 and up audition at 7:30. (Children are welcome in the evening if they are unable to attend the afternoon audition.) Scott Dunlap will direct this musical version of the holiday movie favorite which debuted last year at the CTC. This year, the musical will play on the MainStage December 5 – 23. There are 30 available roles: 2 male, 2 female, 2 boys and an ensemble of 7 men, 6 women, 6 boys and 5 girls. Please note that all roles are open; the director does not guarantee that last year's cast will be cast again in the same roles.

Scott Dunlap says he knows from experience that rehearsing and performing in shows around the holidays requires a commitment, but he vows it's worth it. "I have performed in three shows during the holiday season at CTC and can say without a doubt, these are the most fun. While it is a tough commitment, there is no better way to spend your holidays and I have formed friendships and bonds with my fellow actors during these shows that have made them especially memorable experiences. There is just something different about performing during the holiday season, the cast bonds in a different way."

No preparation is necessary for either audition. Actors should arrive early enough to fill out an audition form and plan to stay between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the volume of actors auditioning. Parking is available in the CTC lot, and parking passes are available inside the door. The Chattanooga Theatre Centre is located on the city's NorthShore at 400 River Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37405. For more information call the box office Tuesday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm or visit the CTC website at TheatreCentre.com.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Roles (4th through 12th grades):

Badger/Narrator: An older animal who has lived in this town all his life. Knows the neighborhood and is an incredible story teller.

Mr. Fox: Clever, witty, brave, and most of all loveable. Fox believes that anything is possible when it comes to collecting food. He is the quickest in the bunch and has a huge heart for all animals. There is nothing that Fox fears except going hungry.

Mrs. Fox: Kind, loving and very generous wife of Mr. Fox. Cares deeply for her family and the animals in her community. She loves her husband fiercely!
Boggis: Hefty Chicken Farmer with very little brains. Selfish

Bunce: Short farmer who owns Geese and Ducks. Nasty and mean.
Bean: Tall and skinny farmer who loves Turkeys and Apples. He is always drinking his cider and is the cleverest out of the bunch.

Fox Children: Kind-hearted children who think the world of their father. They are very young and eager to learn about the world.

Badger Child: The curious child of Badger. Loves his family very much and hopes to be just like his dad when he grows up. Very sweet kid.

Rat (also Villager and Rabbit): Ruthless bottom-feeder that lives on cider. Selfish and mean. Mabel: Bean's housekeeper. Fed up of Bean and his orders. Tired of her mundane job. Very dense and stupid. Talks to herself constantly.

A Christmas Story, The Musical Roles: (ages 9 and up)

Jean Shepherd, a Radio Personality/Narrator. Male. Age early 40's - early 60's. Mr. Shepherd is the author of "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash," the memoirs that were a basis for the movie "A Christmas Story." He is also the narrator of the film, so the voice should have a similar comical sparkle. He is a "non-singing role." This character might also weave into Ralphie's story as Red Ryder himself, the Mailman and Delivery Man.

The Parkers
Ralphie, a younger version of Jean. Boy. Age 10 -12. The hero of our story. Ralphie is the All-American kid, he wants nothing more than one very special Christmas present this year. Vocally: his voice hasn't changed yet - G# below middle C to D an octave above middle C (must sustain this D)
Mother, Ralphie's Mother. Female. Age early 30's - early 40's. She is the level-headed backbone of the Parkers. However, she isn't glossed over in the musical at all and is given many opportunities to show heartfelt warmth. Vocally: Alto belt - G below middle C to E Flat an octave above middle C.
The Old Man, Ralphie's Father. Age mid 30's - mid 50's. He is quite the larger-than-life comic dad seen on many TV sitcoms. His stubbornness often ends in buffoonery. He is quite the showman and must sing and move well. Vocally: Lyric Baritone/Tenor (B Flat octave below middle C to F# above Middle C).
Randy, Ralphie's Brother. Boy. Age 9 - 11. Both Ralphie's nemesis and his biggest fan, he is the stereotypical brother, though it might be argued that he may one day be in a correctional facility or at the very least mental institution. Vocally: Younger than with similar voice range to Ralphie

The Children
Schwartz and Flick, 2 Boys, Ages 10 -12. Ralphie's best friends. Together they are the Three Amigos! Every boy needs a wingman, a sidekick, a pal and confidant. And Schwartz and Flick are always there for their buddy. Unless Scut Farkus is about to beat someone up or someone is about to get in trouble and then it's every man for himself! (Flick loses the infamous "tongue-on-a-flagpole bet.")
Esther Jane and Mary Beth, 2 Girls, Ages 10 - 12. Ralphie's classmates. They love to tease and coo and flirt with Ralphie, but he is a man on a mission and has little time for women.
Scut Farkus, a bully. Male, Ages 12 - 14. This kid has been held back for years, he towers over his classmates and delights in being their villain. He really and truly is rotten to the core.
Grover Dill, Scut's toady. Boy, Ages 12 - 14. The director is DELIGHTED that this role has been added to the musical version of the story, as it was omitted from the play. A great role for a little tough-guy. Grover is Scut's right-hand man and quite possibly the brains of the outfit, at the very least, the instigator of many torturous plots.
5 Possible additional roles for kids. 2 boys and 3 girls. All kids sing and dance, we are looking for kids with experience in tap, not all roles tap, but hoofers can be featured in the show. Vocally: Various ranges.

The Adults
Miss Shields, Ralphie's teacher. Age early 20's - early 50's. A great comic role with a show-stopping song! She is a very "no-nonsense" teacher, but when Miss Shields lets her hair down, she becomes a sexy gun moll who can belt! Tap experience would be fantastic, but not a requirement. Vocally: Mezzo Belt - Low F# to G and octave above middle C.
Santa Claus, not the real one, but the horrible one in Higbee's Dept. Store. He's a man who is tired...tired of kids, tired of Christmas and just needs to go home, have a few drinks and put his feet up. Okay, so maybe he started a little early with the drinks. Vocally: bari/tenor - B Flat octave below middle C to High B Flat.
12 Possible additional roles for adults of various ages. 6 men and 6 women. All adults sing and dance. They play Santa's elves (the elves were omitted from the play and we are very happy to see them return!), neighbors, delivery men and others. Vocally: various ranges.