AUDITIONS at your Chattanooga Theatre Centre are open to everyone and we encourage all ages and ethnicities to participate in Community Theatre for the community by the community.  

ATtention Actors (Especially Young Actors!)

Auditions are coming soon for our two holiday productions – A Charlie Brown Christmas (6th – 12th graders, Youth Theatre, MainStage) and A Christmas Story, The Musical! (4th graders to adults, MainStage). Circle these dates on your calendar and celebrate the holidays with a spirited Christmas production!

October 12 & 13, 2015, at 7:30 pm: A Christmas Story, the Musical! Directed by George Quick, Musical Director Michael Huseman
October 26 & 27, 2015 at 4:30 pm: A Charlie Brown Christmas. Directed by Scott Dunlap (information about roles and character breakdown to be posted soon)

A Christmas Story, The Musical Roles: (ages 9 and up)

The Parkers
Ralphie, a younger version of Jean Shepherd, the narrator. Boy. Age 10 -12. The hero of our story. Ralphie is the All-American kid, he wants nothing more than one very special Christmas present this year. Vocally: his voice hasn't changed yet - G# below middle C to D an octave above middle C (must sustain this D)
Mother, Ralphie's Mother. Female. Age early 30's - early 40's. She is the level-headed backbone of the Parkers. However, she isn't glossed over in the musical at all and is given many opportunities to show heartfelt warmth. Vocally: Alto belt - G below middle C to E Flat an octave above middle C.
The Old Man, Ralphie's Father. Age mid 30's - mid 50's. He is quite the larger-than-life comic dad seen on many TV sitcoms. His stubbornness often ends in buffoonery. He is quite the showman and must sing and move well. Vocally: Lyric Baritone/Tenor (B Flat octave below middle C to F# above Middle C).
Randy, Ralphie's Brother. Boy. Age 9 - 11. Both Ralphie's nemesis and his biggest fan, he is the stereotypical brother, though it might be argued that he may one day be in a correctional facility or at the very least mental institution. Vocally: Younger than with similar voice range to Ralphie

The Children
Schwartz and Flick, 2 Boys, Ages 10 -12. Ralphie's best friends. Together they are the Three Amigos! Every boy needs a wingman, a sidekick, a pal and confidant. And Schwartz and Flick are always there for their buddy. Unless Scut Farkus is about to beat someone up or someone is about to get in trouble and then it's every man for himself! (Flick loses the infamous "tongue-on-a-flagpole bet.")
Esther Jane and Mary Beth, 2 Girls, Ages 10 - 12. Ralphie's classmates. They love to tease and coo and flirt with Ralphie, but he is a man on a mission and has little time for women.
Scut Farkus, a bully. Male, Ages 12 - 14. This kid has been held back for years, he towers over his classmates and delights in being their villain. He really and truly is rotten to the core.
Grover Dill, Scut's toady. Boy, Ages 12 - 14. A great role for a little tough-guy. Grover is Scut's right-hand man and quite possibly the brains of the outfit or, at the very least, the instigator of many torturous plots.
Up to 5 Possible additional roles for kids. 2 boys and 3 girls. All kids sing and dance, we are looking for kids with experience in tap. Not all roles tap, but hoofers can be featured in the show. Vocally: Various ranges.

The Adults
Miss Shields, Ralphie's teacher. Age early 20's - early 50's. A great comic role with a show-stopping song! She is a very "no-nonsense" teacher, but when Miss Shields lets her hair down, she becomes a sexy gun moll who can belt! Tap experience would be fantastic, but not a requirement. Vocally: Mezzo Belt - Low F# to G and octave above middle C.
Santa Claus, not the real one, but the horrible one in Higbee's Dept. Store. He's a man who is tired...tired of kids, tired of Christmas and just needs to go home, have a few drinks and put his feet up. Okay, so maybe he started a little early with the drinks. Vocally: bari/tenor - B Flat octave below middle C to High B Flat.
12 Possible additional roles for adults of various ages. 6 men and 6 women. All adults sing and dance. They play Santa's elves, The Parker's neighbors, delivery men and others. Vocally: various ranges.



Upcoming auditions for young actors (grades 4 thorugh 12) are:
A Christmas Story, the Musical! are on October 12 & 13, 2015
A Charlie Brown Christmas will be on October 26 & 27, 2015
The Adventures of a Bear Called Paddington on December 7 & 8, 2015
And the fun-tastic musical, Really Rosie will audition on February 15 & 16, 2016
Hope to see you at those auditions!